Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I love it too! Im doing my blog early because I have a session in a few hours and I know I will be edit blind by the time Im done with that!
We went on a nice bike ride in this awesome weather and then to the park for a bit this afternoon. It was nice, I needed out of the house and so did the kids.
The kids had lots of fun, especially Malia who managed the ladder and slide all by herself woohoo!


Erica said...

AWESOME b/w picture of Kaden. Isn't the weather today perfect!! Too bad I spent the whole day inside working- glad my kids were able to go to the neighbors and play outside and enjoy the great day.

tamiz said...

Love Maddie's shirt and Malia's outfit!! Hope your session goes well. Can't wait to see. I'm off to my crazy flippin' night.

Angela said...

Great outdoor shots! It was the kind of weather today that I have been waiting for! Yeah Spring!

Haley L said...

LOVE that saying on Maddie's shirt. So funny! Glad you are having a good week! The sunburns look so much better. Hallelujiah! :)