Monday, March 29, 2010


Arent I the luckiest gal! It is my Birthday today.. Im uh hmm 30 yup a whopping 30 and I say bring it on! Ive been excited for this and counting down the last 5 years awaiting my 30's! 30's happen to be the new 20's so woohoo!! The only thing I am not welcoming about age is gray hair and how hard it is to look good.. that really sucks!
I awoke to lots of hand made cards, flags, and notes! Rich got me my favorite doughnuts and then came home early (which NEVER happens!) then he took me out for some shopping!! OH and we both got our eyebrows threaded.. Rich cried lol!! I guess I didnt have enough brow to do much.. and his ended up looking prettier than mine!
It was a really nice day and I appreciate all the Happy B-day wishes I got!
I wasnt planning on participating in I heart faces this week but after editing this photo I think I just might.. dramatic.. check b&w.. check!! Isnt she darling!

This little turd didnt think he needed a helmet.. I thought otherwise and I did win!
Shes to cute.. we took the kids out to ice cream after our date because I wasnt feeling like desert and Malia went NUTS! She always savors the last bite of anything she loves, meaning she wont swallow. Well when she wouldnt swallow her ice cream and was running around with green ice cream running down her face and body we had to hose her down.. she was pretty ticked. Gotta teach her to SWALLOW!
And just because Maddie cracks me up! lol


Becki said...

the heck does it mean to get your eyebrows threaded?!!

SO glad you are in your 30's now :)

Melissa said...

Happy birthday!

tamiz said...

Love the sass in Maddies last pic. Also, the zebra print umbrella is sweet. I had a hard time getting Isaac to wear a helmet the other day because he didn't want to mess up his hair. Hope your Birthday was great!

Angela said...

I really like the zebra print umbrella in the pictures too! It sounds like you had a great birthday with some fun surprises!

I thought it was funny when you said that it is harder to look good, when you have it so easy!

Erica said...

Hope your day was awesome- sounds like it was!! Grey hair- ha ha, one more thing I can tease you about. :) LOVE the first picture of you with your kids- if 30 is the new 20 and you look that great, sign me up!!!

shelly said...

Sounds like you had a nice Birthday Kris. I LOVE the pic of you and the kiddos- so cute!