Thursday, March 18, 2010


I gotta say.. the forecast is frightening I think I may wake up in a depression. Im so not ok with the snow that is coming.. o please miss us please weathermen be wrong.. again!
But knowing we had a storm headed this way we knew we had to get outside.. wind or no wind!
Now on to some cuteness! Mad with some hot moves!

This little one enjoyed the wind.. enough to lick it, really she was licking the wind!
Now she looks pretty innocent right....
Shes NOT!! Hello terrible two's AAAHHH!! We are not getting along this week.. this to shall pass, this to shall pass!!

Kaden is really excited about baseball this year. He just got home from his pitching practice and it sounds like it is going really well! YEAH so excited for him!


Becki said...

We have snow coming too! I really like spring, until it snows. Can we run away to Mexico, or the Bahamas yet?!!! Better yet, let's go tomorrow!!!!!!!!! BTW, I updated...can you believe it? I bet you thought I would never update again. :)

tamiz said...

Miss Madness is full of all the sassy moves! I don't miss the wind and for sure the snow! Get it out of your system this week so it can get warm again! So much for getting Oscar there! We made bread yesterday!!! Can't wait to talk about a FB B that would be lovely to dump!

Angela said...

That pic of Malia looking innocent is so precious! You got alot of great photos yesterday! I was hoping the snow would miss us too.... Bummer. Isn't tomorrow the first day of Spring? Yea!

Elizabeth said...

Well I think we survived the snow storm..that really didn't do a whole lot except make me just want to stay home! :) Terrible 2's? well I think there are terrible 3's for me!!! Cool effects with the pics!