Friday, May 15, 2009


The last 2 weeks have been so busy and full of stuff that I have fallen so behind on my blogging. I will admit that I have been a bit overwhelmed and stressed over all that has been going on. With all the court and church stuff it was just a lot of things to make sure everything was ready to go. Then I had Becki in town and we kept pretty busy with her here too! She had lots of ladies that wanted glitter toes done which was awesome! We didnt have to much down time though but we did get in one fun shopping trip and lunch!!
Now we only have 1 more week of school to go and the kids are excited! Maddie is bummed to be loosing her teacher and Kaden is excited about and nervous about middle school... seriously middle school UGH!
So after a fun week of having family in the house its been pretty quiet and boring so we took a trip to the park tonight and had fun playing some baseball, swinging, bike riding and running! Malia was all grins in the swing and Maddie just wanted to ride her bike non-stop! Kaden just started Baseball this week so we are getting practices in with him... hes already looking pretty good! So it was a very nice day today!
*A little bit of news is that we are looking to rent out our house because we have found one we like. We are ready for a change but if it doesnt work out no biggie BUT if anyone knows of someone whos looking to rent a very nice clean home, send them our way!!!

I dreamed about a shot like this.. didnt turn out as great as I pictured but it was pretty cool

She was LOVING the swing
Maddie and Ciara with a "snowball"

knocking it pretty dang far!
She was a bit creeped out by the leaves
She was kicking her feet with joy it was so cute
my swinger and my climber

Kaden got some good cuddle time tonight with Malia and was absolutely loving it!
A big smooch!

Kylie and Malia doing some bonding
we did some smores while the fam was in town they were yummy!
Ciara wanted in on the action
I wont lie these two were not fast friends but there were moments of love that I captured!
Ky is so gorgeous and long and I am so jealous!!!
My sweet girl


Jolayne said...

The big questions is, What ward would the new house be in?