Monday, May 4, 2009

Fun with Sis

Need I say more! Its the spiderman kiss LOL! I love how sweet Malia and Maddie are together. Maddie is always wanting to play with Malia, she plays tea sets and books and balls and bears and all sorts of stuff with Malia and always wants to carry her around and hold her hand and I just love how well she has come into the big sis role. She has fit into it flawlessly and today they had a blast outside. Maddie kept hanging upside down on the tramp and Malia would run over and tickle her or hug her or smooch her and Maddie was cracking up she about fell on her head. They are just to sweet together and I love it!

This girls face is stunning!

She wanting to hang like Maddie and so with a boost she did and kicked her feet just loving it

Love Maddies spirit she has so much spunk!


Loving being able to reach the kids on the top


Angela said...

All great pictures, but I especially love the one of Malia where she is on your legs and you can see the clouds in the sky behind her. She looks so cute!

Becki said...

Too, too, cute!!! Can't wait to see you guys this week! And yeah TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!!!!!! Lots of love heading your way from me!