Thursday, April 8, 2010


Maddie had a field trip today and I got to go with her. It was a lot of fun.. except for all the bug parts!! Just kidding!
We went to an ecological place and the kids either played games about bugs, sang songs about bugs or looked for bugs.. YUCK!!! But it really was fun and Maddie had so much fun and was pretty dang brave looking for all those bugs! So there are lots of pics in this post!
The big surprise at the end of the day was a hissing cockroach.. ummm GROSS!! Maddie couldnt decide if she wanted to touch it or not, in the end she passed!
Maddie with a couple of her best buds.

Looking for water bugs.. she didnt find any and was a bit sad.
Looking for land bugs... shivering at the thought!
Playing games pretending to be bugs.

Singing songs about bugs.. really fun and the guy in charge was hilarious!


The whole class!
And a little lighting fun after everyone was home tonight!
This is my trick to getting my camera to take sunlight pics.. you have to cover with your hand then hurry and remove before it freaks out.. Your welcome!!

Shes been working on tongue tricks.. it accured to us that she may not have those skills because she doesnt have our genes.. that was a little weird for me. Is it weird that that was weird? Anyways she gets really frustrated that she cant twist her tongue, Im hoping she will be able to when she gets older!


Angela said...

Courtney had a great time on the field trip too, but I wish I could have gone just so I could be there to put sunscreen on her! I had no idea what this place was and that they would be outside the whole time. Now my daughter looks like a tomato. Info like that would have been nice on the permission slip. There, now I feel better. :)

tamiz said...

So what do you suppose the Bug Man makes per year? What kind of girls does he date? What does he tell them he does for a living? I'm really wanting some details on that man.

Norah said...

Ummm, ewww... me no like bugs! I like the pictures though. Bee guy made me chuckle...hehehe