Saturday, April 24, 2010


Looks good right!! Well it was!! SO YUMMY! I made our 1st legitimate Vegan meal today and we all really loved it! Rich and I went to Sprouts and I fell in love with it! I have been checking out cook books and searching the Internet to try to figure out vegan eating and meat replacements and a few things kept popping up. 1 of them was Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP). I will admit I was a little freaked out but decided to try it and I was so surprised, it not only tasted good BUT the texture didnt freak me out (and Im a texture freak)! Not only was it tastey but the protein is so high and the calories are low!! So super healthy! OH AND way cheaper than buying meat! That might make up for the freaking expensive soy milk AAHH
We didnt tell the kids anything was different until they had started eating and they were all digging in and saying how good it was.. Kaden is easily satisfied same with Malia but Maddie isnt, so when shes saying its good I am always happy! When we told them it wasnt meat they didnt care and said it was good!! PHEWWWW
Anyways heres the ingredients... btw the TVP is SOOO freaking easy to make and clean up was so much easier than gross greasy meat! We also had vegan sour cream. We did add normal cheese GASP!! We couldnt find the vegan cheese and I have a huge bag I just cant throw out!
See it even looks like meat!

Rich had a sticker on his head, Malia couldnt stand it and fought so hard to get it off!
She was so happy when she got it off and thought it was pretty funny.
Maddie has her 1st big competition tomorrow!! We are so excited!! She is a little nervous but she has been practicing like a mad woman and has it down!
Just playing with lighting and settings and thought this washed out over exposed looked cool!

She is so beautiful.

Kadens tourney was cancelled because of our crazy weather but he still practiced!

And because Im pretty dang funny!!!


tamiz said...

K, that seriously looks good. Yo quiero! Oh Rich I almost thought that pic was taken by someone else! Good luck to the kiddos tomorrow!

Haley L said...

That salad looks amazing! Made me hungry looking at it. Yeah for Sprouts!

Angela said...

I have to admit, it really looks very good! (I am not one to ask though, since I will eat about anything in sight!) Good luck in your new healthy adventure!

Norah said...

I'm hungry now !

Elizabeth said...

So glad you found Sprouts! I am glad too to know that it is closer than San Diego! :) We shop there when we visit family. That dinner looked way yummy!