Tuesday, April 6, 2010

94/365 TRENDS

Well I havent written about tips for a couple weeks and had an email reminding me to get on it! So if you like it Ill try to remember to do it! Last time we emptied out closets.. right, you did clean your closet right!? Of course you did, you wouldnt ignore the all and powerful Kris right!!
So now that you have space in your closet how do you fill it up without emptying your bank account? Shop smart!! Shop sales!! I hardly ever buy anything at full price. Get on email lists so that you know when your favorite stores are having sales.
You dont have to buy your whole closet in one day (as Rich will remind me) you can do it a piece at a time and the first few things you purchase should NOT and I repeat NOT be trend setting pieces! Dont waist your budget on a sparkle tank that may not be in next season.. save that for later and a very good deal.. first by pieces that you know you will be able to wear for a couple years. These are your most important pieces.. pieces that fit well and can mix and match with other things in your closet! I have a few shirts that I love to pair with different jeans and vest, I can get 3-4 different outfits just out of a couple pieces of clothes! I love mixing and matching. You can save yourself so much $$ by not wasting on things you can only wear once every couple of weeks because its so trendy that everyone notices O she wore that last week!
So go grab your self a few basics that you can mix with other things in your closet.. and get it on sale!!
Rich served ice cream tonight.. do you think she might have been pleased??

Ya and she was NOT willing to share! She was defending her bowl like it was the last bowl on earth telling Rich NO and GO AWAY its MINE!!
Maddie loves her ice cream too!

And after a very cold and windy baseball practice Kaden has a friend over so Im sure I wont see them until they are hungry!


alison said...

Yes I DID clean out my closet, and things have been reorganized, etc. Some things are being saved for recycling into other projects but for the most part it was very cathartic.

tamiz said...

I'm ready to clean out the boys closets now. Time to put up the long pants and bring out the shorts! I even wore shorts all day yesterday and no socks.