Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Awwww Im pretty sure Spring is finally here!!! I absolutely love love Spring! I love fresh starts and newness and light air and fresh smells! I love that the kids can go out and play till dark without being attacked by mosquito's! YET!

Just Sunday we had to completely cut my gorgeous rose plants down to nothing not knowing if they would come back when I discovered this...Now today we went out and holy moly, they are HUMONGOUS!!! Over 6 inches WOOHOO. Im am so so excited that they are growing so fast, I cant wait to see them bloom!!
Sometimes there are days were I just cant delete photos, today was one of those days. Loved the light, loved the girls loved it all!

Love the light in her hair.
Kaden had baseball practice and when I got there they were running against each other in 2 teams. Kaden ran second and they were already over a 1/2 lap behind.. he totally caught them up!!
Hes just good like that!


tamiz said...

Glad the roses are on the mend. Love Malia's hair bow. Looks like your wind ended!

Angela said...

I love all the shots with the light coming in! So pretty!