Sunday, April 25, 2010


Finally a competition under her umm belt? YEAH MADDIE!!! Maddie and I headed down to Denver today for her 1st competition with her Showstoppers group! They had their tap dance down and they rocked it!! I was so proud of Maddie! I actually got all teary eyed. This was the first time they didnt have a teacher behind the curtain and they didnt need her. Maddie has been practicing a ton and I knew she had all the moves down.
It was really exciting and they all looked adorable.. especially Maddie of course! We weren't allowed to have cameras there so I have no pictures or video of it so you'll just have to trust me that it was awesome!
They ended up getting a Ruby (2nd place) in 1 of the areas. For the most part the rest of the trophy's or ribbons went to solos which was a bummer and Maddie was all about getting her own solo after watching all the cute girls do theirs! So we had a fun day, long but fun!

Bed time running of the bulls lol! Running to give me a kiss before bed!

Kaden also had a basketball game today. They lost. O well!
Not ready for the weekend to be over.. aahhhh


Angela said...

Go Maddie! Sorry that Kaden didn't win his game! Missed seeing your pretty face today Kris!

tamiz said...

i like having things to do but when the weekend is full of stuff it sure seems like we get jipped on our down time! Good job Maddie!

Norah said...

Go Maddie!!! HA! Love the running pic!

Elizabeth said...

Great Job Maddie!! Whoohoo!! Busy busy weekend! Love the pic of Malia running!