Monday, April 19, 2010


Well if you cant tell Malia absolutely is loving this weather. She is constantly putting on her shoes and asking to go outside. Today she was finding dandylions and kissing me with them! My arms are killing me from my work out today so Im gonna leave it at that! Good night!

Kaden is a little obsessed with his height right now and seeing how far he can reach... he can now reach past the top of the door!

So cute!


Angela said...

Fun work out eh? Still some cute pics of your kids! I think Malia looks so cute with her pink bead bracelet!

Erica said...

I remember being a kid and doing that same thing as Kaden. Every time we would come down the stairs we would hit the wall above the molding. After some time it started to darken from our gross little hands- it bothered my mom so bad!

tamiz said...

Oh I'm scared to see how high E can reach. ha. Sorry I didn't call back yesterday. I was afraid you'd be napping after your night with Malia and killer workout!

Melissa said...

Love that dress on Malia! You're a brave woman for putting a 2 year old in white. I can't seem to make myself put Rory in white. :)