Thursday, April 15, 2010


Ok its been A. DAY. Aahhh Its started out great by going on a good run with friends.. Im doing over 3 miles WHILE pushing Malia and holy crap that is hard work! Then later I walked down to a friends house for a little lunch get together. I only planned on staying for about 30 mins because it was already past Malias bedtime so I left early and realized I had left my cell in the stroller, I checked it and I had missed a call from the school, NOT GOOD!
So I start walking and listen to the message. Its about Maddie, they think she came into contact with nuts, she has a swollen eye but shes fine. I start RUNNING! (In my gladiator sandals OUCH) and call the school while running get the nurse on the phone who apparently didnt even see her and doesnt know whats going on. I get to my house and she gets Maddie on the phone and Maddie starts crying and says she shared her sanitizer with her friend who had eaten peanut butter for lunch, which she hadnt realized. I let her know Im almost there and its ok. I again talk to the nurse who thought it was only sanitizer related not nut! DUMMY! Anyways I tell her Im almost there and she says she will wash out Maddies swollen eye.
I walk in Maddie is on the bed crying the nurse is on the phone and staring at the computer. GRRR long story kinda short.. the "nurse" did NOTHING to help her, didnt get her hands washed didnt wash out her eye... or hmmm give her the F'ing benadryl that she has with doctors permission for if this ever happens! OMG I was and still am quite mad.. obviously because I just swore and Im not erasing it.. yet!
I hurry and gave Maddie her meds washed her hands and took her home. The "nurse" even said when I walked in that she complained that her eye was burning.. for real.. and you are sitting chatting. OK I see how it is.
So I have talked to the principal and we are working out how to help this not happen again because this actually happened like 2 weeks ago. AAHH
Im one angry momma, I plan on getting with the bandaid lady and chatting with her about what needs to be done if this ever happens again.. I will TRY to be nice about it since I have already had this conversation with her before, I may just a little have a harsh voice, or at least slightly annoyed and belittling.. maybe!
At least the benadryl fixed her up pretty fast, there is barely any swelling left!


Becki said...

So did you already erase the swear word or did you just half write it originally. I tried calling earlier to see how she was. I'm glad all is well and kick the nurses a$$ ... there, I swore too :)

Haley L said...

Please refer to my FB post for a detailed rant about non-nurses in our schools. I could see the sadness in her eyes today and her lack of spunk. Unnecessary bad days suck!!!

tamiz said...

What a rotten freaky afternoon. Maddie looks pretty chill on your bed though. Pretty awesome to snuggle up on Mom and Dad's bed and watch tv.
ps you shorted yourself a day.

Erica said...

Oh man- so sorry. Good thing the meds helped quick. I have heard that at some schools they are banning PBandJ for lunches for this reason. Spencer would be in real trouble if they ever did at his school.