Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Busy Busy Busy! Seriously so dang busy! I put on so many miles on my car every week its nuts! Good thing we are done at 3 or I would have to go get a job to help pay for all these activities! And we cant have that can we!
Malia had dance today and the last couple of times has been really fun! She is really beginning to listen and follow instruction. Today she was able to jump over cones which has usually scared her or she just didnt quite understand how to accomplish that. I was really proud of her. She doesnt get nervous in the beginning anymore she just goes right in doesnt need me to hold her and starts the warm up all by herself! So cute! And hello her bumm in that leo.. I just had to keep squeezing that toosh! She also has found the mirror and just couldnt stop herself from checking herself out!

Maddies requires a ride to bed.. she jumps on Rich and and gets whisked away on her ride to bed.. silly girl!
Kaden did a little pre-bed work out! Hes been so busy and I get worried but he is working really hard to keep his grades up so we are really proud of him!

I have a lot on my mind right now. Things that I need to change that I need to write about.. maybe tomorrow.


Elizabeth said...

Cute dance pictures!! Look at Kaden with the pull-ups! I know I couldn't do that!!

Angela said...

You are a busy woman! You do drive awfully slow though, so maybe you need to step on it! LOL Can't wait to hear about what you write tomorrow!