Thursday, April 29, 2010

116/365 The Many Moods of Malia

The fake smile leave me alone..
The flat out LEAVE ME ALONE...

OOO we are happy and laughing..
The playful...
The sweet...
And just down right cute..
And then there is Maddie.. who is always up for a quick pose!

And Kaden who was non to happy about getting called into the house to finish his chores.. oh I feel so bad NOT!
Tonight I am going super nanny on Malias Ass... thats right I said it! For 2 weeks she has refused to go to bed, she just plays in her bed for hours. I fought her then I ignored it and now I will go super nanny and pray it works. Now she has decided to play through nap to which is all leading to a very whiny crying baby.. I need this fixed ASAP!
OH and I am selling the clothes by pieces so if you are interested let me know!!


Becki said...

Super Nanny?! What does that mean? Maybe you'll just have to put her to bed a tiny bit later. I really wish I had an answer for ya, but we still have Ciara getting up during the night ... so I fell your pain :)

tamiz said...

Kind of hard to Super Nanny when she's pretending to sleep! I need you to Super Nanny Jude.