Monday, April 5, 2010


Sometimes there are days were the couch just is calling my name! This was one of those days! After a couple weeks of not sleeping well it definitely caught up with me today and I am dragging. I even got in a nap.. which I dont like the word nap as an adult we need to think of a new word because it makes it embarrassing to say.. "I took a nap" help me think of a new word! We had lovely weather today and after homework and Rich getting home we headed outside. There was a cold breeze but it still felt really nice to get outside!
And dont you just want to squeeze that girl.. really shes darling!
And Malia was just a bit joyful to be outside playing with dad.. beware shes got a good arm!

I love these kind of shots! She was so giggly
And miss Maddie has an arm on her too! To bad she has so much dance because she would love bball.. she also swings a bat like a rock star!

Malia loves finding dead branches weeds and plants.. I love taking pictures of her hands!

And Kaden has had a headache all day, poor kid! He went to basketball and is turning in early. Hope it goes away!


alison said...

My gma called them 'board meetings' and we knew every day around 1 or 2 she had a board meeting that she had to 'attend'. for the LONGEST time I thought she was doing some sort of conference call from her room. Yeah--i was a bit dense.

tamiz said...

Ohhh I'm loving Alison's idea. Although my board meeting yesterday kept me up last night. So, I showed Caleb the pix this am and he said we need to forget Gabe and move on to Jarom. He's going to be 26 next month and is way cool. How old is she?

Norah said...

I'm loving those braids. Adorable! OMG, I know what you mean about the adult nap thing! I swear, if I fall asleep and the phone rings, I SO try to play it off like I was wide awake...LOL. It just happens and I can't help it. Too funny!