Friday, April 9, 2010


Poor Kaden had a rough day today.. actually as he worded it, "it started out great and ended really bad." Today in gym he realized someone had stollen his backpack GRRR He looked everywhere and had his teacher who adores him help him but they couldnt find it anywhere. Then he looked in the lost and found and went to the office and NOTHING.
What stinks is there are a lot of important homework papers in there. Im hoping his teachers will be understanding about this and let him make some stuff up. His cell phone was also in the bag which really sucks but that can be replaced. I think Kaden was mostly upset about that and I was but not mad at him. He did everything he is supposed to do, so there is no blame there.
I felt really bad for him. Im really hoping that whoever took it has a mother who notices and makes sure the bag gets returned, but Im guessing its in a dump somewhere. AAHHH makes me so mad!
Im looking foreward to my weekend! It will be pretty low key so that will be nice!! I hope you enjoy yours too!
Malia now goes down her slide head first and then cracks up at the bottom.. so cute!
Maddie and Mathew were searching for the fish who have been hiding for awhile.


Haley L said...

That picture of Kaden makes me want to cry. That's the worst feeling. Fingers are crossed that it turns up and the perp is prosecuted!

tamiz said...

I know how crappy it feels to be stolen from. You feel totally violated. That blows! You know they want nothing to do with the homework...too bad you can't just get that back. Stink, stank, stunk!

LaLa said...

so sorry he had a bad day! I do hope it is returned but like you said it probably won't be. I hope you all have a great weekend anyway~ she is so cute on her slide : )

Angela said...

That does stink that someone would steal something like that! I wonder what motivated them to do something so mean! I am so sorry to hear about that and I am staying positive that it will still show up!