Thursday, April 1, 2010


Thats how Maddie feels about her husband coming to visit!! YEAH they are in the air and should be here in about an hour! WOOHOO!!!
So Im blogging early because I know I will be up late chatting it up! Hopefully I can keep up with the blog the next couple of days.
We had the lawn taken care of today and it looks SO MUCH BETTER!! Theres something relaxing about watching someone else take care of my yard.. ya Im lazy WHAT!!!
The kids were pretty excited to get outside today, the weather was perfect, not to hot not to cold BUT the weather is turning YUCK!


tamiz said...

For real the flight in was SCARY!!! Jude slept through it all though. On the way home I sat next to him and he was awake the whole time. When the plane would take any kind of dip he'd say, "we're crashing!" That was just what I needed!