Sunday, April 11, 2010


Happy Sunday ya'll!! We had a great one! Kaden had a basketball ball game that Rich had to take him alone because I cant miss church. Turns out it was a heck of a game!! They won by about 18 points and Kaden played some awesome D!! They even overheard a coach from a team that would play next telling the team to watch #11 hes playing good D.. thats awesome!!
We did LOTS of yard work today! OMG living on a street with so many trees SUCKS!! We have been vacuuming the rocks and around bushes for a couple days and Im pretty sure we have a few more garbage can fulls worth to go YUCK!! But bushes and flowers are starting to bud so thats exciting!!

And then we had the neighbors come over to make smores! YUM!

And miss Malia enjoyed some marshmellows!


Becki said...

Vacuuming rocks?!!!

tamiz said...

Do you think your renters will be rock vacuuming? They better! Looks like a busy Sunday!

Norah said...

Love that bow! Okay, seriously, what are you vacuuming rocks with? We have a million trees. What's the vacuum secret?