Thursday, April 22, 2010

110/365 Vegan with a side of OOPS

K first off Im nervous about talking about this because I know being different creates judgement. I dont like being judged. But heres the thing what if I told you that I have pretty much been a vegan for years.. and I didnt even realize it! Now have I been 100% Vegan no and is it by pure accident YES but now that I have realized it Im pretty excited!
I have been really stressed out about food for months. When I go to the grocery store I come home with food but I am so stressed out about buying crap that I end up having to go back a bunch because I dont end up buying enough. I go to grab meat and it grosses me out so I skip it I have really been trying hard not to buy crap and with fruits and vegetable I have tried really hard only to get organic which is hard in this little town to get a good variety. So I feel stuck.
Ive been reading a book and it helped me realize that I am already doing a lot of good things with a diet close to a vegan one for myself because of my Crohns. It limits my diet a lot. And even though I cant eat a whole lot of veggies or fruits Im doing a lot of things right already. Now I just need to get my family in on the action.
Now I know your all rolling your eyes (or at least Caleb is, while reaching for Rich's MAN CARD) but my hope is to limit the amount of dairy and meat and to add more veggies and fruit to my family's diet. I was really nervous about bringing this up to Rich and so I chickenly text'd the idea to Rich and he sent an uhh NO! Then last night I talked to him about it and he thought about it for awhile and said well I really like vegetables! SOO he is open to leaning in a Vegan direction, Im so excited.
The hard part is learning how to cook in a new way, with limited resources. I have GOT to get a whole foods closer to us.. Whole Food if your out there please build closer to me!! PLEASE!!
After researching I have realized that there are so many healthy replacements out there that I have been worried about. How the heck do you eat without sour cream and cheese and butter?? Well turns out there are vegan versions and Im sure it will take some getting use to but I think we can do it!
NOW when you see us out to Red Robin chowing down on good ol fashion meat and grease please dont turn around rolling your eyes! I have no plans of being 100% crazy vegan lady.. I dont think my family would tolerate it. I know at holidays Im going to want turkey or ham. And I dont think Im ready to give up eggs at all. But I am going to try really really hard to start taking out the bad and start putting in the good.
Aaahh I feel better already!
Now if any of you have any great recipes I would appreciate it! Ive been looking at some and I am really overwhelmed by names of veggies and other ingredients that I have never seen or heard of. So this is going to take some time!! But I know my family will be so much healthier!!

Today we got Malias hair cut. It was just getting really uneven and unhealthy looking. I LOVE IT!!! I forgot how cute she looks with a bob!! Not the best pics sorry!

This is a pic from Rich. Kaden is at batting practice, they have a big tournament this weekend, fun fun!


alison said...

I think if you want to do the Vegan thing and that's what makes you feel the most comfortable then that's what you should do.

Melissa said...

I am so cracking up that we cut the girl's hair on the same day!

tamiz said...

I got the Vegan part but what was the side of oops? I love Malia's hair in the bob too!

Angela said...

I mean the food pyramid shows that we are supposed to eat less meat than other things. Eating less meat is healthy for you I think. I think you should do what works for you and makes you feel the best!