Sunday, April 18, 2010


Thats right bee pollinate!! I was so excited to find blooms on our trees today!! WOOHOO Spring! I also was excited to wake up to fog and condensation on the trees. Ive always wanted to get this next shot but I am not great with that type of photography dang it!

We spent a lot of time outside today most of which Malia napped through!

And after pulling a bazillion weeds the kids thought they earned some sprinkler time.. I cant believe its nice enough for that!
OUCH that hurts!


Sorry just a few more for myself!

Kaden had a basketball game today with a start time of 8 pm so me and the girls had to stay home for school night bed times. BUT I just got this pic and news from Rich that Kaden sank a 3 pointer!!! Thats pretty exciting!!!

I had to cancel a couple photo shoots yesterday because of rain and so I had to reschedule one of them for today because they had family in town. Lets just say in 30 minutes I easily had over 100 really fun cute lovely photos! I was having a really hard time deleting any of them. Little miss E is so dang cute and her mommy and daddy are good looking too! They made my job really easy! Head on over to Snap Happy for a better peek!


tamiz said...

Sprinkler weather? It wasn't warm enough here for sprinklers yesterday! It's weird to me when we have similar temps. I thought I was moving to a warmer climate. Love the flower pix. You could frame them from Malia's wall.

Angela said...

That bee picture is cool! I think those kind of flowers on trees are so pretty! Love the warmer weather too!