Friday, April 23, 2010


Is that some awesome hair or what!! We have some serious wind tonight after a long day of rain so Rich took Malia outside because she absolutely LOVES wind. She will open her mouth and pretend to eat it.. weird yes but pretty cute and fun to watch! And seriously we got some pretty awesome hair shots! It looks like she has long thick locks going on but she did just get a cut!

Maddie had just showered and decided the wind could dry her hair!
Check out that hair!

And Kadens pic was brought to you by my iphone on his way to a friends. We were supposed to have a very busy weekend of baseball tournaments for 2 days mixed with a basketball game and Maddies dance competition. Ya craziness! BUT the tournament has been cancelled because of the weather WOOHOO!! So now just Sunday will be crazy! So Im making Rich take me on a date to Sprouts to go venture some new Vegan foods!! As he posts states below.. hes up for it HAHA!!
Also I wanted to thank all the encouragement I got from friends about our new Vegan venture. I got emails and encouraging words from friends today and it was so nice. I am excited about our new healthy start. Did you guys know Oreos are on the Vegan diet so HAHA how could I go wrong as long as those are on the list of can do's!!! So thank you guys!!


Haley L said...

Way cool action shots. I have the Sprouts flyer for ya to take with you. Even has a place to sign up for e-mails from them so you can shop the sales, use coupons and be healthy. Whoa! That might be too much for one day. hehe

tamiz said...

Good for you Kris. What was on the menu tonight? We need to start eating healthier as a family too.