Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kadens BBall Tourney

Rich and I were very impressed with Kaden this week. He for weeks has been working on a Spring Break Basketball tourney for him and his friends. He figured out teams and team colors he assigned them, he got a board and drew out the bracket and got 2 notebooks with scores from 1-15 that we could just flip off the edge of the table to keep score. He even found a ref.. one of his friends but still! We were very impressed with the time and organization he put into it. It was a perfect day with the weather and it seemed like everyone had an excellent time, and we had a lot of parents tell Rich and I thanks and wow and we had to say that it was actually Kaden and they were impressed as well!!
They played winners and loosers brackets, we had pizza and got sunburns! Kadens team didnt win but it was so fun!!


Elizabeth said...

What a fun idea!! Way to go Kaden!! Love the PINK team! :)