Saturday, September 17, 2011

Football for Kaden again!

After having last season off from football because of Kadens pupil injury right before it started I thought we were going to have a 2nd year off because sign ups happened before his year was up from that injury. BUT after going to a couple games and really missing the game, I talked to some parents who thought he could get in and then the coaches and the league and boom he played his second game today. He only started last week and had 1 practice and 1 walk through before he was thrown in. We heard great things from the coaches and other parents right away and how excited they were about his speed and "magic fingers." The coach wanted Kaden to hurry and learn the plays so they could play him more.
I guess he learned them because he pretty much played the whole game offense and defense today. I have to admit that it was pretty exciting watching him play again. Football is the funnest sports to play but his team has had kids have some serious injuries including a boy getting carted off from a serious broken arm today that happened during warm up.
Kaden is having a blast, he is excited to be back in the game and having that camaraderie with his team! AND I gotta say he is playing really well too. He had 2 sacks in the first game and did really well at keeping his side from getting scored on. He has had a few throws to him but it just hasnt happened yet. Yaaa football!

The girls are great little cheerleaders for the team and big brother!


tamiz said...

Noooo not the fooseball! Keep him safe and be ready to put a hurt on some sideline freak parents!