Friday, September 16, 2011


Maddie had her 3rd grade jog-a-thon this morning and I gotta say she rocked!! They announced at the beginning that this year it is bigger and if they did 16 laps it would be 2 miles. So that is what Maddie set out to do. She was smart and started slow and kept going and going and going and the 5th graders that were counting her laps were getting so excited and cheering her on and they kept telling me how good she was doing and she started beating some of their laps! At 2 minutes left she had just under 2 laps to go so she HUSTLED and got them done! She did awesome!!! She was red faced and tired like the rest of the kids but she had so much fun.
It was funny because last night and this morning she kept saying she was so nervous and I wasnt sure why but she was and she got the nervous giggles when she was about to start but as soon as that first lap was done I could tell she was over it and having fun!!
Love that girl!!

Malia came and at snacks and didnt have a care in the world what was going on around her.. I grabbed her up and we ran one lap with Maddie and she thought it was hilarious.. she threw her arms up and just laughed (while I kept trying to get her to hold on so I could actually run!) so we only did 1 lap but it was a fun one!

Still smiling towards the end!

Red faced and tired! But she finished her goal!


Melissa said...

She looks much too happy to have been running! LOL Glad she had fun!

tamiz said...

Yay miss Maddie! I'm proud of you too! Running hurts!