Friday, September 30, 2011


I admit that I am not the most practical shoppers. When looking at my daughters closets you will find pretty shirts, nice pants, cute shorts and lots and lots of dresses! What you will not find is "play clothes" stuff that you can wear to go camping or play in the dirt.
So when I send Malia to school on PICTURE DAY in her cute silk fancy blouse and brand new WHITE jeans I am feeling pretty safe about that choice because like I said it was PICTURE DAY!
Well when I was waiting in like and saw a parent grabbing the left overs of the BRIGHT BLUE birthday cupcakes she brought to share and saw a bunch of blue faced kids waiting on the carpet I about laughed out loud! BUT then when I saw Malia and her perfectly darling white pants and saw a bright blue patch of frosting on them I didnt want to laugh anymore.. I kinda wanted to pull someones hair!
Really on picture day your going to bring blue frosting into class to a bunch of 3 year olds... really! OK thanks a lot!

For the record the teachers werent happy either (they told me) and after getting home and scrubbing and bleaching the pants are now bright white again!!!


Sharon said...

Glad you were able to get it out. I don't really have "play" clothes around here either. Malia ALWAYS looks her best!

Liberally Applied said...

But the frosting matches her shoes!!! :) I am guilty of the same. I don't really care if Addy's nice clothes get dirty because they usually hold up better to washing than the cheapo ugly "play clothes" anyway. But blue dye on white pants on picture day would piss me off. But! That's the wonderful thing about white! If those were ivory or pink or grey you'd be screwed!