Friday, March 11, 2011

An afternoon treat!

YUMM! When I was a kid one of my favorite memories was coming home and seeing a plate of frosted graham crackers waiting for us as an after school treat! My mom made really yummy frosting (that I still cant figure out how to make) and there would just be this huge pile of already made treats plus the extra frosting and package of more crackers so we could just go to town!
I loved it!
I dont know about you all but after waking up to the horrible scene this morning with the earth quake and tsunami, I didnt want to let my kids go. I honestly wanted to keep them home from school and not let them out of my sight. I keep finding myself getting more and more frightened by all the "natural" disasters that seem to be happening more and more frequently... seriously its freaking me out! But they did go to school and so when they were all home I just wanted to hang out with them and Maddie didnt have dance so we all sat around the table and snacked until Kaden had to get ready for baseball. It was a lot of fun and sooo yummy!
This morning while Rich and I were getting ready and watching the news feed, Rich said hey babe wanna go grocery shopping?? I thought he was just joking since I just went to Costco and KS and he always teases me about how much I spend there so I said "very funny!" but he said no Im serious, go bulk up our food storage. I was so glad he said that because I was thinking the same thing, actually we have both been feeling that prompting for the last few months and I have added a few things but not much. So tonight we went and did some food storage shopping, and I feel a little bit better but we have a ways to go.
I feel so dumb about being so scared.. am I alone in this?!


chanel said...

first- you are a super cool mom! what a yummy treat and super sweet to want to keep them close.
second- i have been feeling the food storage thing MEGA, and now im freaking out a little that you are too. i am gearing up to go to the cannery if you wanna go too!
i love being mormon! ;)
third- such a precious picture!!!

Angela said...

Those are some of my kids favorite treats too! I have never made them with pink frosting though! How fun! Food is always on my mind... I would live to have the $ to just go and buy what I needed, but I am still doing good at finding some good deals and stalking up a little at a time

Erica said...

As I was getting ready to go yesterday morning after watching some of the news about the earthquake, all I keep thinking was end of times!! It is coming, we need to be prepared. Good for you for getting a jump start.

shelly said...

You are so not alone! We have been feeling the same way lately and a couple of weeks ago we stocked up on a bunch of food storage stuff too. I want to be prepared so I will have no reason to fear!

Sharon said...

I love the pic of the 3 of them! Really love it! As for stocking up on food...How does that help? Where do you live and which natural catastrophe are you fearing? Mike and I went to dinner last night (on the beach) and we too were discussing the recent happenings over the past couple of years as we watched the wild surf. Which theory do you believe in or fear if any? Have you seen an Inconvenient Truth? Sorry for all of the

Elizabeth said...

Those look so yummy! I think I might have to go make some! Food Storage is always something I think about too...and being prepared. Good for you guys..getting a start! :)I try to buy a little extra each time I go to Costco as well..and use what I have also!