Friday, March 11, 2011

Creative girl

Malia has always been really good about entertaining herself, which is so nice when mommy has a migraine!! I got out her tea set for a quick pic and then she played with it forever and kept making me lots of different things to eat and drink!

And then the other night she was doing lots of drawings and I was so impressed with her interpretations I started taking pictures. What I am bummed about is I missed one of the best ones.. she drew a fly and if you just looked at it quick it looked like scribbles but if you really looked at it you could see that it really did look like a big nasty fly.. which is what she called it!
Here is her scary water..
a banana...
and a dog.. see the legs and all!


Melissa said...

Love the pictures and tea set! Rory's very good at entertaining herself as well although she's better with a baby to play with than a teaset.

tamiz said...

How is it possible that her hair is long enough for piggy braids??? Love them! Your pix are awesome as usual. Not yellow at all. ha

Angela said...

I loved her piggy tails too! What a fun age she is and so full of imagination! I think she can draw better than me... :)