Friday, March 18, 2011

Project 52 W/11

Its week 11 and I am feeling the lull. None of my photos are really worth entering into anything. I am at a loss with creativity and inspiration.. I need green! I need pretty grass, green bushes, some flowers, birds chirping and a sun with NO WIND! Every time I attempted photos this ween the wind was blowing to hard even though its been a great week temp wise its just not great to take the kiddos out into and force them to pose for me! I cant wait for Spring!!
The top photos theme was "Darks and Lights" Malia is constantly comparing her skin with mine and Maddies in the morning and I really dont think there is anything more beautiful that seeing there arms linked, noticing the difference with the knowledge that there are noticeable differences appearance wise, but I couldnt love them more than I do for any reason! They are BOTH my daughters and I am so lucky to have them.
The next one is "smooth" I just always love how Malias skin looks in a photo, I would pay good money for that warm smooth skin!


alison said...

I keep seeing pictures of trees budding (and such) in other places of the country and all I have is dead looking grass...BOO!!