Thursday, March 17, 2011

Top of the Mornin to ya!

Well I love any reason to dress the girls up so St. Pattys day is a fun one for them!! We had green doughnuts for breakfast and green cookies in their lunches! Then we had cabbage ramen salad for dinner! But really the funnest part is dressing up right! I even threw on some green, but Rich didnt really have anything so we've been pinching him all day! haha Kaden wore green but he is super busy right now with school, track and baseball so getting a picture of him is literally like catching a leprechaun!

These are just from this week.. I thought Malia was coming down with something but I think the time change has just messed with her and she was super tired.
She is constantly saying the strangest things.. today she told me I cant eat her because she is to spicy and crunchy! Hmmm gross and good to know!
And after Maddie was not feeling good a couple weeks ago and getting some special treats to feel better, Malia now asks for candy because "her belly hurts" lol cracks me up! So here she is eating some chocolate and wanted a picture of it so she could see it!


Angela said...

Your girls did look super cute! I loved the ribbon around Maddie's waist! That was cute! You even looked cute in your green shirt today too! :) I love some of the things that Malia is saying... She is a funny girl with some spunk!

alison said...

Malia is at that great age where they say such unique things! Your girls look adorable.
I'm always looking for a reason to dress K up, but she's not as into it anymore. boo-hoo.

jamie @ kreyv said...

Your kids are so cute!