Sunday, March 20, 2011

1st Tourney of the season!

Kaden had his first tourney of the season this weekend! It was perfect weather, Rich had the day off so we were set to go enjoy a day of ball! Kaden played really well, he had a couple really great play's and a couple mess ups that he was really hard on himself about but everyone did so we tried to explain to him that everyone messes up, if you didnt it wouldnt really be a game right! His team ended up getting killed in both Saturday games and the Sunday game. I sure hope that this team improves because it sure gets hard on mural always loosing.
The girls did great, even thought the weather was great it did get a little warm for them and with Malia not having a nap she got a little testy towards the end of the last game. I was pretty excited about my pop up play house I had bought them, it sure saved some whining about sun and boredom!! Im thinking it will come in handy this season!!
Malia got hot and so we lifted her shirt and exposed some buda belly!
Kaden got a hit! This is him taking off to steal 2nd!

Playing right field.

After his hit
Fun weekend, I know by the end of this long season I will be complaining so I apologize ahead of time!


Melissa said...

sounds like our weekend LOL