Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My funny girl

Malia is love love loving her ballet class! She gets so excited every Tuesday when I say today is a dance day! She is learning a routine for the upcoming program and I havent seen it in class but she definitely is remembering it because she comes home and repeats the same moves over and over.. its freaking adorable. And when she says leeeaaaay (plea) I about squeal its so dang cute!
Now either she is loosing her hearing or she is just gaining the funniest sense of humor. A conversation today after I put her in the car..
Me : Malia you are to funny
Her : Im not a penny
Me : I said funny not penny!
Her: Oh am I a nickel?!
Seriously I need to remember right some of our conversations down right away because they are usually so off the wall I forget what she said, but trust me its some funny stuff! Love this girlie!
I shot these pics for my project 52 this week but they were so cute I had to post them now, Im with holding the official P52 pic though until that post!


Melissa said...

seriously, seriously cute. And I'm sure you'll video that dance routine and post it! :)

alison said...

Malia is WAY too adorable!

Erica said...


jamie @ kreyv said...

I love these pictures. She is so freaking adorable!

Elizabeth said...

Oh that is just adorable!! I love the last one...with the bright pink tutu!!!