Sunday, November 15, 2009


Thats my little smarty pants! She will beg us to do this with her all day and if you say yes she does her happy dance! This girl LOVES to learn! Shes got pretty much all of her ABC's, numbers and colors and shapes down it is amazing!!

She also is still quite the dare devil! She loves to get tossed up and spun... but once you start she never wants to stop! I forgot to add these to my earlier post!
**No babies were injured in the making of this video!! Also please ignore my comfy Sunday clothes!


tamiz said...

WTH!! She smarts circles around Silas. Jude's not even in the race.

Haley L said...

I finally had a chance to watch all three of these. Priceless! Maybe you should also open a home preschool. :)

Angela said...

Love the dizzy video! She was making me laugh just watching it! What a fun little girl!