Sunday, November 15, 2009

Its official...

... its winter. I am not a huge fan of cold and snow! I like the kind of cold and snow that disappears the same day.. luckily living in CO that is usually the case but on mornings where I wake up and find 6 inches and its still coming I have a hard time finding the fun in that. Well until I see my kids having a blast in the snow.. it makes it almost worth it!! ALMOST LOL!
So these pics of Malia are to funny.. she was wearing this Santa had and dragging around this blanket it was so cute, so I thought hey lets get some pics!! She sat right down and was saying a prayer.. maybe for Christmas gifts?? Then she was playing with Maddie it was lots of fun!

I often find Malia with Rich's ties.. she loves them, she will run into our room and come back with a tie around her neck.. I might have to do a shoot with his shoes and ties rather than my shoes and jewels, cracks me up!

After church we went right outside to play in the snow, Maddie had been begging Rich all throughout our conference to help her make a snow man so they did! He cheats and uses a shovel.. no rolling for us!
She was pretty proud of hers, though the head kept coming off!
Kaden had to keep protecting his from flying snow balls from dad!
And then the snow ball fight broke out!

Maddie decided to feast on some fresh snow... we dont have any pets so I said go ahead even though it really grosses me out!
K shes cute huh! I could just eat her up!

Snow angel
After a cold day of playing we ate a delish chicken pot pie.. I make the BEST pot pie hehehe! Actually I might have to head to the kitchen for 2nds!