Friday, November 13, 2009

Our week in pictures

Shes cute right! I just think shes the most gorgeous girl and when you get to know her you fall instantly in love with her charm because this girl is a sweetie and I just love being her mom!!

Malia has really started playing so cute with the kids, I love when they are all playing and giggling together!!

This week in Maddies school it was Spirit week.. I didnt get pictures every day but here are a few.. this was fake an injury day, if you look close you can see bandaides on her face.

This was sports day.. she looked so cute and made her big brother pretty happy by wearing his jersey.

My cute girls! Gotta love Malia's cheese face

And on Sunday morning Malia came in our room and snuggled.. which she is doing more and more of and I love it so the other kids came and joined in too!
Love how she was playing with Maddies hair
Looks cozy right!
Ive been a bad blogger this week so sorry! Ive got a shoot tomorrow so Ill be busy getting ready and planning for that!! I love a shoot day!
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tamiz said...

LOVE Maddie's pillowcase dress!!! That had to be an Etsy handmade? So cute. Also LOVE Malia's cheese face! Noticed Maddie in a Santa hat... can't wait to see how Malia reacts to the singing Santa this year.