Friday, October 30, 2009


Ya thats my boy.. wearing eyeliner and nail polish lol!! He is Tre Cool from Green Day and after I put on his eyeliner I was like WOW you would have been a cute girl lol! He has the most gorgeous eyes and the liner sure made them POP! Anyways as long as Halloween is the only time he wears makeup Ill be ok.. NO Adam Lambert crap coming out of this house! He had a good reaction at school so Im thinking it went ok.. I was a little nervous!
Lighting was horrible in this pic but thats ok!
I am Maddies home room mom so I went and helped out today and they always do a parade!
The office staff dressed up as Peter Pan and crew.. they were so cute and so Maddie fit in!
Captain... I mean Principal!
I had the kids make Spiders and Maddie was a little bit happy after eating the legs
Class photo.. ya Maddies the cutest! I love how even the parents take pics of her cuz shes so cute.. kinda creepy though??!!
And Malia decided today to be a gansta.. she kept putting on my hat and acting so goofy.. it was so so cute!
Dang shes cute!
On Thursday night a group of us girls went out for our annual Witches Night Out.. I am always the hairy witch.. sorry for the close up but I had to keep pics of my hairiness!! Pretty gross!
And that is our Halloween-eve tomorrow should be fun! I love Halloween! Kaden is having a party though so we'll see how that goes!


Becki said...

The kids look awesome! Dal wore eyeliner ended up freaking him out though. So funny that Kaden was the green day guy, there was a lot of that going around. And I love the hairy moles!