Friday, October 9, 2009

Gotcha Day Anniversary!!!

This is what I saw that fateful day when I saw my daughter for the first time and instantly knew that she was mine, the connection and need I felt was overwhelming, and now here I am over a year later celebrating our Gotcha Day!!!

Our first family photo at DIA
Home and clean and all dressed up

And here she is today, all smiles, gorgeous, smart and love.. I couldnt ask for more!

I cant believe Im writing this post, I cant believe it has been a year almost excactly as I write this that I first held Malia in my arms at the airport! Oh how far we've come. I feel like the last year has been a journey for us all. Learning to parent an adopted child has been a challenge for me, always questioning my parenting choices and wondering if a cry or a tantrum was "normal" or not has been hard. I think just recently I am finally over coming that and just trusting myself. I cant even describe how far Malia has come, it has been absolutely amazing watching her grow this last year. She adjusted so easily at first with most things but has always held up a wall when it came to me and for a long time she stopped talking. It hasnt been until these last few months that I have felt she has really opened up to me and with that has come the sweet cuddly child that loves hugs and kisses, I cant tell you what it does to me to have this sweet girl ask for hugs and kisses. Her smiles still charms the pants off me and every one who she deems worthy of her charm... which is usually everyone!

Malia is a very easy baby well not even baby anymore, she follows directions very well and is so obedient for a 2 year old that its kinda funny when she actually does what we tell her. I still feel like she is behind in her speech but she is so far ahead in so many other areas Im not concerned at all. Since the kids have gone back to school and we have more 1 on 1 time I feel like she has blossomed by leaps and bounds. She is talking so much and using more and more words every day. She is putting words together and we are getting less grunts when she wants something. She has been wearing panties since Tuesday and hasnt had 1 accident.. except when she wakes from bed and immediatly pees.. still Im feeling like that is pretty dang awesome!

This whole month has been pretty emotional for me knowing that we were approaching our 1 year anniversary and her 2nd Birthday. I have had so many thoughts of Korea and her caregivers and her birth family. I have so many feelings of greatfulness that I hope one day I will be able to express

Malia is amazing and we feel so blessed to have her! We will be celebrating tonight.. of course we must go eat some asian... probably not Korean since Maddie has allergic reactions to that but we will try some chinese.. no judgemenst please!! LOL

Im posting pics from our last year with Miss Malia and her gotcha video!! I wanted to thank everyone who has been in our lives this last year and supported us and Malia, there are a few of you that I would have not been able to survive without! And to my little miss who is taking one of her long naps, mommy forever loves you, you make my eyes tear and give me chills when I take the time to think of what a true true miracle you are. You amaze me with the strength you have had to have in your short little life, and I thank you for making me a better mommy and challenging me.


tamiz said...

I can't believe it's been a year. I had to relive a little when I was in the Denver Airport on Monday. So crazy to see the video of her in the crib at the center when she cries. I totally recognize that crying face now. A year ago that little girl was a stranger. Love, love, love your adoption story and that little girl.

Haley L said...

Gotcha Day is quite a catchy phrase! I have vivid memories of her shaking her head from side to side at the airport and melting us all. I know if her birthmom could see her now she would cry tears of pure joy seeing the life and family she has been blessed with.

Elizabeth said...

I can't believe it has been a year! I too remember seeing you see her and hold her for the first time. What an amazing blessing of love and more love that you have been in her life and she in your family. She is just precious!

Erica said...

I loved watching that video again. Just reading your words and seeing that again brought tears to my eyes. How blessed you all are. What a sweet little girl- congrats on one year and so many more to come!!

Jolayne said...

Such a blessing for your whole family. It is amazing that it has already been a year. Happy Gotcha Day!

LaLa said...

She is so beautiful. I remember well as we thought we were getting a Malia too but we got a Coby instead : )

Congrats on a year as family!

Melissa said...

Happy Gotcha Day! She's grown so much!

Tirsa said...

Thanks for making me cry! So very happy for your family and I just love how Malia is just so absolutely yours. She was always meant for your family and I remember the ups and downs and stress you went through and I would was definitely worth it all to get your sweet Malia into your home and arms!

And she is a LOOKER! Good thing her mommy is an awesome photographer to capture so many beautiful pics.

Tracie said...

In tears over here. We are still waiting for our girl to come home, and it's always good to see the stories of when they DO come home!

(Tracie from the BB)