Saturday, October 17, 2009

End of season game... FINALLY!!

Thats Kaden on just one of many take downs today! He had a great game and it was the last one of the season so it made for a good one even though his team didnt win.
We have had a long long season, it started out with coaches that had NO idea what they were doing and we moved on to a coach that took over that already has another team to coach so Im not sure how invested he really was in our boys.. Kaden got put in a position that he hadnt ever been in and his speed wasnt really utilized.. was kinda hard to watch but he did a great job where they put him!!
Today Kaden had a lot of good tackles stop a pass AND had an INTERCEPTION!! WOOT WOOT!! It was awesome he covered his man perfectly turned around and snatched the ball.. it was awesome!! You could see his smile from the stands!! We are proud of him for having a great attitude through this ruff season, he loves the game and even though hes out there getting pounded I love watching him play, knowing that he loves it!
This was the finish of his take down
more of that tackle
Chasing down his man!

This was right after his interception.. looks pretty happy
THIS was his snatch.. the crowd of parents went NUTS!! It was awesome.. my camera obviously was being abused with my excited but still got the shot! LOL
Another tackle
Blocking the pass on another one

not gonna let that boy have the ball!
So long hard season so glad its over!! So proud of Kaden and looking forward to next season!


Haley L said...

Way to go, Kaden!