Monday, October 12, 2009

Photgraphy 101

Well I'm not fancy and I'm not "photography educated" BUT I love taking photos and I LOVE the thought that I can turn something that has been a hobby and a hope for such a long time into something that I can share and yes get paid for!
I cant explain what happens when I get behind the lens and shoot... that moment where you get that perfect shot that you've had in your mind or a shot that all of a sudden sets up and is amazing that you didn't even plan THOSE are the moments that make me so happy LOVE IT!! So I am officially starting my own photography biz so Ive been working on a separate blog for just my photography and with help from a couple friends I think I finally have it in working order!!
In the next few weeks I already have about 10 sessions set up which I couldn't be happier about! If you missed out on my special give me a shout out and we cant try to work something out!!
So for now go check it all out here at Snap Happy!!
I'm so excited! I really have a passion for non ordinary photos.. I hate when a photographer sits a kid on a rock and makes them fake smile.. my absolute goal in shooting someone is to capture their true personality... sorry I just cant to the fake sit and pose.. if that's what your after I'm not your gal!! If you want fun and real.. I'M YOUR GIRL!!


Erica said...

What a great blog!! Your recent pictures of the 'L' boys are fantastic!! Best of luck!!!