Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Im 2 woohoo!

Today is Malias Birthday, I absolutely cant express my feelings that have been running through my body and mind today. My complete feeling of love for this sweet baby is unmeasurable truely. The feelings of knowledge of blessings has been overwhelming today and I just havent been able to stop squeezing my sweet girl. I just love her so so much and to have her returning those emotions with lots and lots of hugs and kisses is amazing!
I have this undescribable feeling of gratitude and sorrow. I havent been able to stop thinking of Malias birth mother since last night. The courage and strength this beautiful woman has and had to know that what was best for Malias wasnt something she could give her is amazing to me, I am forever greatful to her and before I layed Malia down to nap today we talked about her birth mother and how blessed we both are to have each other because of her.
We had a really fun day, we grabbed Malia out of bed before everyone went their seperate ways so we could watch her open gifts. I think she wasnt sure what to think seeing all the wrapped squares and toys and clothes layed out.. shes was causious but Maddie started helping her dig in and she became a good little ripper and started have a lot of fun opening her gifts. Most of her gifts are learning toys and books because that is what she loves but I did get her a vacuum which seems to be her fav toy right now.. lucky me it makes noice!
After getting her ready and the kids off to school we just played with her toys all morning and I made her 1 of her favorite meals for lunch, noodles... to which she kept telling me noodles noodles noodles!
After her nap we did lots of running around and went and grabbed her ice cream cake this girl LOVES ice cream so I knew she would love an ice cream cake and she did! She loves everything we give her to eat so picking a favorite meal was hard but she loves fries so we got her chicken nuggets and fries for dinner and I let her have the fries first which she loved!!
She had lots of fun practicing saying IM TWO and playing with her toys and balloons. I cant even tell you how happy it makes me to see her smile and giggle, there jsut isnt anything better!
Here is what Malia is up to at two!
*Just learned how to ask "WHY"?? I have NO idea how she learned this but she loves to ask it
*Loves hugging everything.. I do mean everything.. walls, garbage cans, her CAKE tonight, it is the sweetest thing because she loves hugging everyone and everything!
*Loves singing the ABC's.. or making me do it, she will yell ABC's ABC's and thats my que
*Has been going potty so well that we pretty much only change 1 diaper a day and thats at night.. so nice and so I think tomorrow will start her official potty training YIKES!
*Is starting to enjoy candy "tanny"
*Shes starting to get a bit of a tude and will tell us NO and actually mean it.. makes us laugh
*She was mad at me and told me to go away and pushed me and actually said PUSH PUSH
*Getting more comfortable around strangers.. not in a worriful way though
*She is a very good listener and follows directions very well.. I love that she is already pretty obedient at 2
*She is just so dang smart, and we love having her show off her dog tricks as I call them
*Is a total daddy's girl
*Still a dare devil
*Can undress and redress a lot of her clothing
There is a lot more but Ill leave it at that for now.. this is already a super long post!
Happy Birthday to my darling daughter we love you so much and feel so lucky and blessed that you choose us!

She was LOVING that cake

wasnt so sure about the candle

Practiced making 2 with her fingers all day and it makes her laugh so hard
Vaccuum baby
Think she was having fun?
Opening presents

Wake up Birthday girl!
And I had to get some love before I let her go to bed.. I just wanted to squeeze her all night

Yep even a birthday girl has to go potty.. I love how she crosses her legs while hoping a poopy comes along

She loves balloons

Loved the cake so much she licked it off her arm... so funny
Here she was showing me her cake and saying cake cake cake
Brain freeze did not stop this girl


tamiz said...

Miss that girl!! She's so dang perfect!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Malia!

Melissa said...

So, so cute! Happy Birthday, Malia!

Haley L said...

I gotta admit, the potty shot is my fav. What a little lady, even on the pot! :)