Monday, October 5, 2009

A Zim Zim Zimmie weekend!

We had a full weekend with the Zimmers and it will sound to cheesy to go into how needed it was or how awesome it was.. Ill just leave it at AWESOME WEEKEND!!
Caleb and Tami got in on Friday night pretty late so we talked for a little bit and sent them to bed. Saturday we hung out in the morning then had to split up for awhile... Kaden had football and they had some errands to run. We ended up after a lot of discussion of what to do as a date just going to Outback for a yummy dinner and playing around at Target! OO YA thats how mormons party!!
Sunday was so nice we didnt have church so we went up to the canyon and enjoys the river some rocks and a picnick!! It was so pretty up there and we all had such a blast and of course I gave my camera a good little time! I got some fun shots!
It was Calebs b-day on Sunday so we had some cake when we got home and then relaxed the rest of the day!!
Us adults enjoyed some pool where Tami and I TOTALLY WON!! O yeah! It was awesome! This morning Caleb left for work super early so we said our goodbyes last night with him and after the kids went to school today we did a little shopping for Malias b-day tomorrow YES tomorrow holy moly... Tami taught me how to shop at Ross where we got some super cute stuff for such a great deal it was lots of fun!!
She left for the airport this afternoon where I think we did a pretty good job of no tears... until she pulled away! Makes it easier knowing we will be seeing them next month though! And it will be so nice to get to see the kids to I sure miss those little buggers!
So we had an amazing weekend I feel so blessed to have such great friends and that we have been able to stay so close since they have moved! YEAH US!! All to often people loose touch and dont effort to keep in touch, but I just cant live without my Zimmers! THANKS FOR COMING YOU GUYS!! LOVE YA SO MUCH!!!
The kids loved seeing them too... I dont know why I didnt get a pic of Malia on Calebs lap because thats where she pretty much spent the whole weekend.. she loves her Caleb! So cute!
Pic heavy sorry!!

He was ready to dig into his b-day cake

So cute
The view was amazing
Maddie was lifting this HUGE stick/tree
Arent they the cutest
I love her serious face
OK anything cuter.. nope didnt think so!
She was loving some leaves
Love this pic of Maddie
She wasnt thrilled about this pic

Dad and his girlies

Her face cracks me up.. she was kinda saying.. how dare you stick me on this rock!!

She was loving the water

I love this shot
Man I love a good sun glare!
Just taunting Rich a little!

We became a band and seriously rocked it out! Ya were awesome like that!


alison said...

so glad they were able to come out and visit!! looks like it was a lot of fun. what canyon were you in??

Norah said...

Awesome sun flare! Looks like a great time : )

tamiz said...

YIPPEE!!! So fun! Thanks for being such great hosts. Can't wait for T-Day! I hope it's snowy and freezing up there and like 75 here!!!

Angela said...

What a fun weekend! Lots of great pictures too!