Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Well this post is way late! We went to Anderson Farms last Saturday but after having a very busy day with 2 sessions.. one of which took a few days to finish I just didnt feel like getting these up, but here they are now!
I felt bad because we were in a crunch so we hurried through everything while we were there but the kids still had a really good time. We love Halloween and pumpkins!! It was pretty windy so sitting and smiling for pics was not on the kids to do list and they look like they are in pain in some of these lol!

I think Malia was loving the wagon and Kaden (so cute) was loving pulling her!
excuse the hair people!! We were checking out the chickens so I decided to look like one!
Cute boy! Seriously so handsome

The kids love feeding goats.. of course the cutest ones always get pushed away but the bigger uglier creedier ones.. grr

Even Meme partook in the feeding.. we got the nice one!

Love this one

Painful looking.. except Malia she enjoys some wind

She kept calling them apples.. apples apples apples.. she wanted to eat them!

So many to choose from

Daddy picked hers small enough that she could carry it... she wouldnt it was freaking her out

MOO we got to feed this big guy too

She decided to hide after his huge tongue made an appearance