Thursday, October 8, 2009

A photo shoot with the L boys!

Yesterday I shot the L boys at a great park!! I had a great time with them, Ive known these boys for a long time and they are fun crew!
We had some great light and weather and we had had to change our shoot to yesterday because of the winter storm that is coming on Saturday and Im so glad we got done!
Blake was a bit hesitant but I think we got some really fun shots!
This was my first paying gig and I was just a little bit excited!!!
Thanks L boys!!!

Blake was done at this point but I love it!

LOVE the red hair!!


Elizabeth said...

It was so fun!! Thanks for capturing all those awesome shots. I too love the Pouty one, as sometimes you just feel that way! They turned out so great! Love it!

Angela said...

Love the first one with all of them facing away and I really love the one of Blake hugging that post. Super cute!

tamiz said...

The walking away across the bridge with the awesome sky is still my fave...and the last one of Blake. Love the editing on that one.