Monday, October 19, 2009

Potty progress!

Cutest bumm ever!! This weeks marks 2 whole weeks of Malia in panties.. she has fabulous!! She has only had 1 awake peepee accident and until today hadnt had any #2 accidents.. I dont know what went wrong today but I got her up from her nap and walked into her room and was hit with the stench of poo! I was a little bit ticked because I knew she needed to go before nap but she was being stubborn.. which she is known for and well the turd poo'd her pants!! O'well it was in a pull up.. which she wears at nap and bed anyways! I feel like her cognitive skills still arent good enough for her to verbalize when she needs to go but she is very good at holding it until I take her weve even gone shopping with no accidents woohoo!
I love not having to change poopies and have my house full of diapers say yeah! We just need to work on her not peeing as soon as she wakes up from nap and in the morning because other wise she is a pro!
Nothing cuter than a non diapered bumm in jeans LOVE IT!!
Now here is Malia looking like a piggy.. we were laughing so hard last night she was putting this toy cookie in her tea cup and then would bite the edge and it would flip up and Rich and I both said she looks like a piggy.. so funny!

I was making her say oink oink
This was her mmmm face
back to oinking
And not to be outdone Maddie showed us her pen trick!


tamiz said...

LMAO that you had her oinking with a choc. chip cookie in her mouth of all things!!

Norah said...

These pics are so cute! You should have seen my face when that first pic appeared...hehehe.

Ben and Claudia said...

Love the "shakin" her boom boom shot. Congrats with the success.
I hear that girls are easier than boys...I hope it's true. Carter JUST pooped in his "BIG BOYS" as I write this comment. UGHH!

Tirsa said...

Wow...that IS one cute bum! And, Malia continues to put Ez to SHAME! I'm not even going to try for awhile, although it would be nice to only have 1 in diapers!