Sunday, May 2, 2010


Happy Sunday! Kaden had a basketball game tonight and his team did great! They won by a pretty big lead and Kaden had 8 out of the 30 something points.. pretty good!! It was a fun game and it is always so nice to see him happy and confident!

This was right after he took a shot after taking the ball away from the boy laying on the ground.. it was funny! The boy was laying there with it on his stomach Kaden grabbed it and put it up!!
The girls were good sports going to a late game.. well Malia was quite tired but still did pretty good but we were all happy to be home and get them in bed!


Haley L said...

Sweet!! I heard it was a good game. So fun to see your kids succeed.

tamiz said...

Is that Chelton in the background that looks so excited? Malia is looking way too old?

Angela said...

Maddie looks like she is wearing a crown in that picture! Cute! Go Kaden with your basketball skills!