Sunday, May 23, 2010


OH HAPPY DAY!! Basketball is OVER BABY!! Kaden had his tournament last night and they lost, that meant we had to drive to Denver today to play again. We have been on a loosing streak so we figured it would be 1 game and we would go home... well they WON!! It was a good game! Within the first 30 seconds of Kaden being in he got a 3! That got us all excited! They ended up playing such a good game. Then we play an hour later and had a nail biter of a game it came down to the last seconds and we lost by just a couple point. It was a bummer but the boys did so good after not really working together they finally had a couple good game!
But I gotta say Im so dang happy its over! I finally get my weekends back!!! WOOHOO
Now bring on Baseball!
This was after Kaden got his 3 and his friend cooper shot 3 2 pointers in a row.. it was awesome and the team was pretty fired up!

We enjoyed the outdoors tonight... until the mosquitos joined us grrr!


Angela said...

Way to end it on a good note Kaden! Congrats!

Oh, and those pesky mosquitoes are on my nerves! I have alot of bites already!

Haley L said...

Aw! I might have to steal that shot of Coop and the team. Coop says to me tonight, "Why does everyone always freak out when I have a good game?" Um . . . well . . . because you don't normally score that much. Kaden and Coop carried the team in that first game! :) I'm with you though--glad it's over!!! Thanks for being awesome fill-in parents so many times.