Friday, May 14, 2010

131/365 Field day and a Hero!

Today was Maddies field day. It was a cold one but that doesnt effect 1st graders! She had a BLAST and started out the day saying she wouldnt get wet and ended it pretty dang wet!
Shes so dang athletic and adorable she did great in all the little games they had set up!
Malia had fun watching from Dads shoulders!

Pulling the boys lol
OO the sponge game.. they got soaking during this one.
With a couple of her buddies
She is #1
The sack race
And the tug 0 war
Shoe kick.. hers didnt quite catch the first time lol!
Her teacher got in on it! LOVE her teacher!
Maddie has fancy toes! They were good at the marble pick up!
And with her best buddy!! These 2 are just adorable!
A little break and time to dry off.
Every time they moved to a new spot Maddie held her teachers hand.. we love that teacher, gonna miss her TONS!
Raising with cup with holes in the bottom.. they decided to put the cups on their heads lol
She thought it was pretty funny!
The had a DJ that was playing some fun music.. Maddie + Music = Shaking her groove thang!
Maddie was excited to have Nathan help her side! We WON!!
Malia was pooped after all of that and just melted onto Daddys shoulder on the walk to the car.. it was so sweet!
Ok now for the hero part! Kaden came home and let us know he broke up a fight and took a punch to the head because of it. First off I was like WHAT but then I was just really impressed with him. Heres what happened..
Kaden was walking to his class and saw a kid just beating the crap out of some poor kid on the ground bawling. So Kaden ran up pushed him off and said to knock it off.. the kid swung at Kaden and hit his head, I dont know if it was adrenaline or a crappy punch but it didnt phase him and he told him again to stop and the kid took off. Kaden asked if the boy was ok and he ran to the bathroom. Turns out he got kicked in his umm boy parts by this boy and then the boy just started pounding on him because of his race seemingly. Kaden made sure he told his teacher and he will be going to the office on Monday to talk about what happened. The boy that got beat up came to class about 10 minutes late and had obviously been crying, but looked at Kaden with thanks.
It made Kaden feel good and I think he was surprised and proud of himself.
I watched a "What would you do?" on 20/20 where they watched how people act when coming upon something like this. MOST people walk by, only confident brave people are willing to say or do something. Most people will walk by, and then other people wont interfere but will find help.. which is good too. I am SO DANG PROUD of Kaden for stepping up and helping this boy with out a second thought. Really really proud of him!!


tamiz said...

I'm sick to my stomach about this boy fight. I don't think I could handle Elias getting pummeled! Good on Kaden for stepping in.

Melissa said...

Way to go, Kaden!