Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Golly shes cute! Weve had horrible wind the last couple of days and we were super crazy this morning so Malia has been stuck inside and she decided jumping on the bed could cure her indoor blues!

Maddie had her dress rehearsal today it lasted about 4 hours, it was insane and she was such a trooper while waiting for her dances! She danced amazing, really she is so cute and good and loves every second of it! She had 4 dances which meant 4 costume changes and even 4 different hair changes.. ya it was crazy!! I took these crappy photos, they might suck but you get the feel and her tude in some of them!! Love her confidence when shes dancing, she just shines!

While we were at dance Kaden had a baseball scrimmage and I was so excited to get a text from Rich that said they started him at pitcher and he struck out 2! Then when we got home he was beaming because he was MVP of the game, he had some great plays and did a great job as pitcher!! WOOHOO!!!

Tomorrow is the last day of school and Maddies recital. Its going to be nuts! I couldnt get a sitter for Malia so Im hoping she has a very nice long nap because its going to be a LONG night! Im excited for Maddie, she has worked very hard on these dances! OH hello summer, please treat us right!!


tamiz said...

Those aint no rec center costumes!