Wednesday, May 26, 2010

143/365 End of the year AND Gala

It was a big day for the kids! Kaden had his last day of 6th grade! I cant believe he is a 7th grader.. yikes! He finished the year really strong, Im proud of him for a great year!
And Maddie had her last day of 1st grade! She is now a 2nd grader.. what the! We got to go have lunch with her and then brought her home. Malia had lots of fun hanging out with her and her friends!
Then we were off to her Gala (Recital) Im just so stinking proud of her!! She has worked so hard these last few months to get these dances learned. She comes home from dance only to practice her dances some more. She probably puts 30-60 extra minutes a day into practice, and it showed! She really did amazing tonight! Its always so fun to hear parents we dont even know tell us how great she did!!! YEAH MAD AND KADEN!!
Here comes summer!

Maddie cried last night at the thought of missing her teacher this summer.. she was AMAZING and we will miss her!

Maddie and her bestie Abby
All ready for her 1st dance, waiting back stage!
On to hip hop
During intermission we took the time to get some pics!

Showing so sisterly love!

LOVE how cute they are together, Kaden was the proud big brother!
Kinley will be joining Showstoppers this summer!! Maddie is SO excited!
The last dance! PHEW it was a LONG night.. 3 hours of dancing and waiting! It was really awesome getting to be backstage and help! All the company dancers did AMAZING and watching all the cute little dancers was so so fun!!
Daddy always delivers the flowers.. she always loves them!
Proud papa!
Well Im exhausted and ready to see who won AI! YEAH SUMMER!!!! I really hope the kids sleep in!!


Haley L said...

Maddie seriously stole the show! She knew those dances like the back of her hand. Kinley looks up to her so much. Those pictures you took at the intermission are amazing. I hope the "professional" dude saw you taking them!! Ha!

tamiz said...

Yeah Maddie! Ohhh, did you buy any 'professional' photos? and come on Lee won? Did you hear him try to sing the last song? I'm guessing he'll be just as famous as last year's winner. I think Chris has like one good song. HA I know Crystal wouldn't have been any more famous. Oh well. I think I'm done with AI forever now. What do you have planned for today? First day off!

Melissa said...

Wow! That's a long night of dance!