Monday, May 31, 2010

148/365 Bolder Boulder

YEAH!! I have officially ran a 10K!!! I am so excited to have accomplished this. Running has NEVER been something I have ever thought I would do, didnt like it, didnt know how to do it and now just about 7 months of running and only really a couple months of doing more than a couple miles at a time I finished a 10k wut wut!!!
I ran with Haley and we ran the whole way! We finished in 1:10:some odd seconds. We usually are faster than that but it was really hard having to slow down dodging people all the time. Especially when the water tables came up, people would just dodge in front of you and I would almost have to do a complete stop!
I was bummed about not seeing as many crazy people as I had heard stories of but there were definitely a few crazies out there. The music and the people just made it really fun!
After we were done we met up with some friends who ran it to and took some pictures and watched some other runners come in. I think the best part was watching some of the Military come in, in their full BDU's wearing their packs, they are amazing!
We also got to run and take pics with Rocky from the Nuggets, that was really cool too!
I came home and treated myself to a veggie nacho and pigged out, after not eating junk for the last week I felt I deserved it! Then I tried to sleep.. did not happen but after only sleeping about 4 hours last night I sure tried, so an early bed time for me tonight!
Rich got the big slide out for the kids and they spent the whole afternoon out there freezing and having fun! When Malia woke up she wasnt so sure about the cold water, but ended up going down with Kaden a couple times!!
So a good Memorial Day!!

Kaden inked him and Maddie up in support of me! They had mom rocks and go mom on them!! SO CUTE!!


Haley L said...

Great day, indeed! You didn't even look tired at the end. Glad you got your nachos!! :) I love that pic of Malia at the bottom of the slide. Pure childhood bliss!!

Angela said...

You should be so proud of yourself! I am so happy for you and wish I could have joined all you fun ladies! Maybe next year?

Elizabeth said...

Great job! What an accomplishment!!! All that training... awesome! So, when is the next one? :)

tamiz said...

Good job! Looks like you got in on the matching shirt deal? I can't believe you are a real runner now. Way to go!

Erica said...

Great job finishing and doing it! You are amazing! I know the feeling of accomplishment. Now you HAVE to plan on the girls weekend and the 10K run in Colorado Springs. I hope you got some rest- thanks for taking some pictures of all of us. :)

Norah said...

You go girl!