Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So Im super excited for TV tonight! Yes Im that dorky! 1st of all AI is FINALLY going to be over.. has it seemed like the longest season ever? I just think they didnt have great talent this season so its been pretty lame, but I do really like Lee so Im hoping he takes it!
THEN its Biggest Looser thats pretty exciting! Whos it gonna be??
And OMG I already watched Glee and I it was AWESOME!! Ya Im a TV junky WHAT !! So Im off to watch some more, ya Im living it up!


Us said...

I wasn't really blowed over by AI's talent this year either. But Lee made me cry last night! I hope he wins! And yeah, Glee rocked but Lady Gaga next week will be so crazy!

Stepping On Legos said...

Ooops - last comment was from me, sorry!

Norah said...

Her eyes are so beautiful in that last shot! My problem is I can't stay awake to watch all of my shows. Thank goodness for DVR's!